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Cardboard Box with Packed Glass

Safe Packaging

Nervous about shipping handblown glass?

Don’t worry, we’re not!

It’s hard to know exactly what happens to packages in transit.  That’s why we carefully pack every order so that it safely arrives at your door in one piece.  In the off chance it does happen to arrive damaged or broken, please let us know and we will replace it free of charge.  We are committed to quality and craftsmanship, and this applies to our packaging too!  Check out our video to see how we pack our pieces, and learn more about our policies.

Packaging Our Handblown Glass

Packaging and shipping is one of the trickiest facets of an online store and shipping fragile items such as glass adds another level of difficulty.  Over the last 10 years we’ve learned a lot about shipping glass and in all of our years of shipping, less than 10 pieces arrived to the customer broken.

Of the most memorable, one package got shipped through a hurricane on its way to Florida and only one piece broke out of 12!  Another one got lost in the postal system for 5 months while on its way to Australia.  We still don’t know where that paperweight mysteriously spent it’s 5 months abroad before arriving broken.  It takes a significant amount of force to break a 4” solid glass paperweight into that many pieces!  In all these cases, we replaced the broken pieces and shipped it to the customer free of charge.

Generally, we rely on bubble wrap and foam peanuts to protect our packaging.  Though cheap, effective and widely available, we can’t help but consider the impact that these materials have on the environment.  This year we plan to completely change our shipping strategy and move towards sustainable, recyclable packaging materials that still offer the same level of protection but are eco-friendly.

Shipping Costs

Who doesn’t love a deal?  As a culture (myself included), we are drawn to large companies offering free shipping on their products. Unfortunately, this is just not feasible for small businesses such as ours.  We shop around for the most economical price possible for shipping, but because of volume and packaging costs, we simply can’t compete with larger companies on shipping.  That being said, from time to time, we cover the cost and offer free shipping incentives to reward our customers  – you just need to join our mailing list to get notified.

Like anything, you get what you pay for – and in the case of Infinite Glassworks, you pay for reliable shipping and safe packaging that will arrive at your doorstep on time and in one piece.  You get  beautiful handblown glass that is packaged in materials that can be recycled or reused – lessening the environmental impact that online shopping has on our environment.  From our hands to yours, you get a quality handmade object that you can cherish and use for a lifetime.

Questions?  Feel free to drop us a line and we can happily answer your query.

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