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The ‘Obviously You Are Not A Golfer’

Inspired by one of our favourite films: The Big Lebowski

1.5 oz Vodkow Vodka*
2 oz red Vermouth
1 cup brewed coffee
16 ea pitted cherries
2-3 oz Sheldon Creek whole milk
1 cup sugar
75 ml water

Add Vodkow Vodka, coffee syrup and lots of ice to Lowrider glass and stir.  Top with whole milk, add cherry for garnish and enjoy!

Coffee Syrup
Bring the brewed coffee to a boil and reduce by half.  Add 1/2 cup of sugar and allow to dissolve.

In a small pot with a small surface area, pour in the remaining sugar along with 75ml of water.  Turn on to medium high heat and dissolve the sugar.  When sugar dissolves remove from heat, add cherries and stir gently.  Once the mixture cools down add the red vermouth.

*Available at the LCBO, Vodkow Vodka is produced in Almonte, Ontario and is made using the unused milk sugar from local dairy farms. This unique process delivers notes of sweet vanilla and whipped cream. This incredibly delicious vodka is sugar-free and is a must when making this cocktail. It is smooth like no-udder!!

Happy Hour Is A State of Mind

Created by Becky Comber, this playlist was curated specifically to pair with The Cocktail Project.  Whether you’re relaxing after work or hosting friends for drinks, you need just the right playlist to elevate the experience.  So grab your favourite glass, flip on the tunes and mix up some drinks!

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