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Infinite Glassworks | Berkeley, Ontario

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Facet Cup


How does it look?

Soft colours, a strong angular silhouette, tiny bubbles suspended in the glass and a subtle ripple pattern which refracts the light.  The base is small but sturdy.  Stackable.

How does it feel?

The angular sides fit comfortably in your hand and your fingers naturally cradle the bottom of the glass.  The ripple pattern creates a subtle texture for grip.

How can I use it?

Versatile and perfect for cocktails, water, and wine.  The wide opening is suited for red wine, allowing space for the wine to breathe.  For cocktails, there is room for ice in the drink and the shape is suitable for a variety of garnish options.

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Helpful Information:

– Small bubbles, colour variations and organic shapes are all to be expected in handblown glass.
– Handcrafted one at a time by Kate Civiero using traditional glassblowing techniques.
– Stamped on the underside with Infinite Glassworks Logo.

Caring For Your Glassware:

– Glass can be handwashed or washed in the top rack of a dishwasher using non-abrasive detergent.
– Do not place glass in a microwave or oven.
– Do not pour boiling liquids into glass.

Additional information


Smoke Grey


3" high x 3.75" wide (Approximately)


260ml (Approximately)