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Sari Blue Shimmer Vase


This is a very special limited edition vase.  The beautiful bright blue is combined with a super subtle shimmery satin surface (that’s a lot of s words in a row!).  It’s one of those pieces that’s hard to photograph but it absolutely gorgeous in person.

Handwash only.

Sari Blue + Satin Shimmer
5″ high x 3.5″ wide

1 in stock


Helpful information:

– Handwash only.
– Handcrafted at Infinite Glassworks using traditional glassblowing techniques.
– All of our glassware is designed with quality and durability in mind.
– Signed on the underside by Infinite Glassworks

Worried about shipping handblown glass?  I safely pack every order and guarantee it will get to you in one piece, and in the off chance it doesn’t, I’ll gladly send you a replacement.  Check out the video of what goes in to safely packaging each and every order.

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