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Space Marsh – Pink


It’s hard for me to quite describe this cup.  I showed it to a friend and she said it reminded her of outer space and a marsh.  Two very different things, yet I’m Viking on it.  I was taken aback by such an unconventional description, and somehow Space Marsh really stuck!  If you want to get an extremely one of a kind cup that can never be duplicated, only replicated… this is the cup for you!

4.25″ high by 2.75″ wide

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Helpful Information:

– Small bubbles, colour variations and organic shapes are all to be expected in handblown glass.
– Handcrafted one at a time by Kate Civiero using traditional glassblowing techniques.
– Stamped on the underside with Infinite Glassworks Logo.

Caring For Your Glassware:

– Glass can be handwashed or washed in the top rack of a dishwasher using non-abrasive detergent.
– Do not place glass in a microwave or oven.
– Do not pour boiling liquids into glass.