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Square Bottle


It’s hip to be square.  It’s even hipper to own square.  Our handblown glass square bottles are guaranteed to elevate your social status or your money back!  Ok, actually no.  We can’t guarantee that.  But seriously, you’re going to fall in love with the square bottle.  They’re so pretty in a sunny spot with the sunlight hitting them and refracting the colourful light.  We all need a little more colourful light in our lives, right?

Yellow  |   7.25″ high x  2.75″ diameter

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Square bottles are handmade using 2100ºF molten glass and features a square bottom which transitions to bottle top.  These are made in a custom designed steel mold which causes ripples and lines on the glass.  This surface texture is what refracts the light when placed in a sunny location.

Helpful information:

– Handcrafted at Infinite Glassworks using traditional glassblowing techniques.
– All of our glass is designed with quality and durability in mind.
– Signed on the underside by Infinite Glassworks.
– Handwash only using mild detergent.

Worried about shipping handblown glass?  I safely pack every order with a combination of bubble wrap, foamies and a liberal application of packing tape.  I guarantee it will get to you in one piece, and in the off chance it doesn’t, I’ll gladly send you a replacement.  Check out the video of what goes in to safely packaging each and every order.

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