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Infinite Glassworks has moved to Berkeley

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Quality control is important.  When making objects for the home, it's crucial to product test and make sure our claims are 100% accurate.  Such as our claim about our favourite bowl: Caramel popcorn is ridiculously delicious in a Pebble Bowl. Is it

Eggnog!  Is there any other drink that is so quintessentially Christmas?  Though there seems to be some folks out there who are squarely in the anti-eggnog camp, for those of us who love the nog

What is it about the right lighting that can transform an ordinary object into an extraordinary one?   Bendable desk lamp by Infinite Glassworks with a spotlight on soda-fired porcelain container by Marcelina Salazar.

A time lapse video that shows the installation of a handblown glass Cloud Chandelier by Infinite Glassworks.  It features 36 glass orbs suspended around a central pendant shade.  Each Cloud Chandelier is custom-built to suit the needs of our clients. 

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